Several students have problems using Showbie. They are getting an error message when they try to save a file into a Showbie folder. Students are running iOS 7.0.4

The error message reads: Oops looks like the file didn’t transfer properly. Please try again:


The issue arrises on iOS 7 with the new multitasking features. When other apps are being used on the iPad and the Showbie app is in the background and is then called to save in the file from another app then, sometimes, the Showbie app is completely reloaded by the OS. Saving into a Showbie folder in this situation may cause an error. This will be completely fixed in the next release of Showbie (1.1.7).

In the meantime, the following work around should allow the file to be saved into the Showbie folder.

  • Shut down the showbie app
  • Relogin in to Showbie and go to the folder you would like to drop in work
  • Go to the other app
  • Try to save in again
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