Joining Your School
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Joining your school in Showbie is simple!

Whether you are joining from the sign-up page or you’re already in Showbie and need to join a school, joining is super easy! If your school subscribes to Showbie Pro, please contact your Showbie Admin who can invite you to join your official school. More about invitations can be found here.

Join Your School

  • Tap on your profile picture

  • Tap Join Your School

  • Type in your school and a list of suggested schools will start to fill up

  • Tap on your school to join

Adding a School

Don’t see your school? You can add your school to our database. Be sure to let your colleagues know so that they can join too!

  • Start typing in the School Name field

  • Tap Add a New School

  • Enter your school’s information

  • Tap Add School

Need to remove your school?

Please contact support so that we can remove you from the school.

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