Pinned Voice Notes

Create a voice note and pin it in a PDF or image.

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Pinned voice notes can be added right on the file 🔈

Pinned voice notes are an incredible way for students to complete their work by reading, singing, or speaking, and for teachers to quickly provide detailed, engaging feedback without all the typing.

Please note: Showbie Basic users have a voice note length limit of 1 minute. Showbie Pro users can record longer voice notes of up to 30 minutes.

Creating a Pinned Voice Note

  • Tap the voice note tool in the annotation toolbar

  • Tap anywhere on the document to pin a voice note there (you can move it and minimize the note by tapping on your profile picture). Tap Record to start recording your voice note

  • When you’re done, tap on the Record button to stop recording – you can press Play to listen to the recording or rewind/forward the note

  • Tap Save to upload the voice note

You can playback the recording to listen to it before posting it. There will be a progress indicator showing how far you are into the recording and the length of voice note and you can pause/play the recording as you like. The rewind button will take you back to the beginning and the forward button will bring you to the end. 

You can either record from the end, adding to your existing recording; or you can record from the beginning, overwriting it. 

Deleting/Renaming Pinned Voice Notes

Pinned voice notes can be deleted or renamed by tapping and holding and then tapping Delete/Rename afterwards.

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