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Pinned Comments

Make comments more relevant by pinning them in a PDF or image.

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Like something a student uploaded? Have a quick question? Leave a comment!

If there’s not a lot of space in your file but you’d still like to add annotations, the pinned comments feature is a great way to make comments in a much neater way than with the pen tool or text box.

Creating a Pinned Comment

  • Open the PDF or image you’d like to annotate

  • Tap on the comment bubble on the annotation toolbar at the top

  • Tap anywhere on the file to add a comment (you can move it around afterwards)

  • Tap Save when you’re done

You can move around the comment by tapping and holding on the comment and dragging it around!

Pinned Comment Options

  • Open the pinned comment by tapping on it

  • Tap and hold on the comment to bring up the options

  • You can choose to Copy, Delete, or Edit the comment

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