Get parents involved in student learning!

Teachers have the option of creating invitations for individual or multiple students, which they can then print or save. Individual invitations can simply be emailed.

The invitations themselves include a short explanation of what Showbie is, along with the student’s parent code and instructions on how to join Showbie as a parent.

How to Create Invitations

  • Tap on your profile picture/name in the upper left corner

  • Tap Invite Parents to Join Showbie

  • Tap Invite Parents

  • Choose how many invites you will be sending

  • Select the student(s) for whom you would like to create an invitation

  • When you’re done, tap Make Invites for Students

  • Tapping View the Handout will let you preview the invitations. Tap Print, Email, or Save – only choose email if you are working with individual invitations!

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