Blocking or Unblocking Parents

Blocking a parent revokes their access to the student's work for your classes

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Sometimes you may need to block a parent from your class.

When a parent is blocked, they will no longer have access to their student’s work for any of that teacher’s classes. If you would like to block a parent from a student’s account completely, please contact support!

Blocking a Parent

  • Go to the Student Tab (tap on Students at the bottom of the screen) or the class of your choice

    • If navigating to the class directly, click the 'wrench' icon

    • Then 'members'

  • Find the student whose parent you’d like to block and tap their name

  • Tap the student’s profile picture

  • Tap the name of the parent you’d like to block

  • Tap Block Parent

Unblocking a Parent

Follow the steps above and select 'unblock' when you get to the parent who needs to be unblocked.

Easy as pie!

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