When it’s time to dig deeper, it’s time to inspect crash logs 🔎

If Showbie is freezing or crashing regularly, we may request crash logs from you to help us diagnose any issues. Crash logs contain information about what the app was doing just prior to the crash.

To find a log file, please sync your iPad with iTunes first, then locate the correct log file for the app using the path for your OS below. The log file’s name should start with the Showbie’s name.

Once you’ve located the correct file or files, please send them back to us.


  • Open Finder
  • In the toolbar, click Go -> Go to Folder or press command + shift + G 
  • Go to Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice
  • Click on your device’s folder
  • Find the most recent crash log file and its name should start with Showbie

Windows XP

C: -> Documents and Settings -> Application Data -> Apple Computer -> Logs -> CrashReporter -> <your iPhone’s name>

Windows Vista/7/8

C: ->Users -> AppData -> Roaming -> Apple computer -> Logs -> Crash Reporter -> Mobile Device <your iPhone’s name>

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