It’s time to administer Showbie Pro 💁

The Admin Dashboard allows you to easily manage your school or district’s Pro licenses.

What this guide covers:

And here's the link to the dashboard itself if you're not there yet

This video explains Showbie’s Admin Dashboard for Pro schools and districts.

0:06 Signing into the Dashboard via
 0:45 Inviting teachers
 1:54 Verifying teachers (Pending approval/approved teachers)
 2:18 Upgrading teachers
 2:42 The Manage tab – including resetting passwords!
 3:05 Using the Search tab
 3:24 Purchasing more Pro licenses

*Royalty-free music in the video is from Bensound

How Teachers Can Join/Change Schools

Teachers can join a school when they first create their account or they can join a school later on via their account settings.

Check out the How to Join Your School guide for more detailed information!

If a teacher needs to change the school that they have joined…

They can do so by logging into Showbie and then going to Please visit this guide for more detailed instructions!

Admins need to verify teachers who join their school.

Learn how to verify teachers

Inviting Removed Teachers

If a teacher has been removed from a school, they won’t be able to rejoin the school with the methods above. Instead, an admin must invite the teacher to join the school. Learn how to invite teachers

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