We are working with 3rd party privacy and data protection experts in the EU to evaluate requirements and will take necessary actions to ensure that we handle customer data appropriately by the May 25, 2018 deadline.

GDPR readiness updates

May 14, 2018

I'm pleased to report that Showbie has met the GDPR compliance requirements. If you are a school or district Showbie administrator, you will have been emailed a Data Processing Addendum to sign. If you did not receive this Addendum, please contact us at privacy@showbie.com. If you are a teacher, you will have been emailed links to our updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, also available on our website. 

Please be sure to check out our website for GDPR resources. If you have questions, contact us at privacy@showbie.com. 

May 3, 2018

With the GDPR deadline just around the corner, we are happy to report that we are on track for compliance. 

We are finalizing a Data Processing Addendum which will outline our privacy, security, and overall data management practices. Once complete, this Addendum will be sent via email to all Showbie Admins in the EU. 

We are also updating our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. A link to both of these documents will be emailed to all active Showbie users and will also be available on our website. 

All Showbie sub-processors are confirmed already or soon-to-be GDPR compliant. Click here for a list of Showbie sub-processors. 

Finally, we have taken steps to further secure our database. A summary of security measures can be found here

Showbie is dedicated to the respect and protection of your personal data. If you have any questions related to Showbie’s data management practices, please contact us at privacy@showbie.com.

March 13, 2018

Documenting our data management processes is well underway. Summaries of our data management practices that impact data subjects (i.e. individual Showbie users) will be posted on this site in the coming months. 

While we have never had a data breach, we are looking into ways to make our database even more secure. (We will provide an update on this soon.) 

To help you understand the full scope of GDPR and how it impacts you we've created this summary page which includes a link to a digital version of the full regulation. 

Again, if you have any questions on where we are in our journey to compliance, please contact privacy@showbie.com. 

February 7, 2018

We’re received a GDPR Readiness Assessment from a external compliance expert and are in the process of reviewing gaps.

At a high level, here are the areas we will focus on:

  • Documenting and planning policy and product changes, specifically around data access, management and portability
  • Reviewing contract commitments with our customers and vendors
  • Reviewing our customer communications and consent processes

We are on track for full compliance by the May 2018 deadline and will continue to update this page with our progress.

If you have any questions, please contact privacy@showbie.com.

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