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Upon signing up for Showbie as a new teacher you will see a message stating that we've sent you an email asking you to confirm your email address in Showbie. This confirmation link will be valid for 24 hours upon receipt and will look a bit like this:

Why do I need to confirm my email address?

As a teacher - Confirming your email address helps signify to your Showbie Admin that you are, in fact, joined to the correct school.

In general - Having a confirmed email address is necessary as it allows you to easily reset your own password and can be an early indicator of mistyped email addresses. If your email is confirmed, you'll never miss an important notification!

I signed up with SSO (Google, Microsoft, or Feide) - do I still need to confirm my email? No, you're all set! Your email will be auto-confirmed via SSO.

What if I didn't receive an email confirmation or deleted it accidentally? Don't worry! If you didn't receive a confirmation upon sign up, check your spam & junk mail folders. If you still do not see the confirmation email, head to your profile and click 'sign in & security'. Once there, you will see an '!' beside your email address. Clicking it will give you the option to resend the confirmation.

What if my email confirmation has expired? That's ok! Follow the directions above to resend the confirmation. Note that each email confirmation link is only valid for 24 hours.

Wondering more about email confirmations? See our FAQ here!

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