Find your class settings by going into a class and then tapping the wrench icon and go to Class Settings

Here, you’ll find all the important things to note in class settings:


Type the name of your class here – there’s no character restrictions so you can even include emojis!


Students will be able to use class codes to join your class in Showbie. Tap on the refresh arrow to generate a new class code. You’ll receive an email of your class code but you can find it in Showbie at any time.

Include in Portfolio

Let students select work in this class to include in their portfolio. Teachers will be able to manage student portfolios regardless of this setting.

Allow Parent Access

Parents will be able to see their child’s folder in this class. Otherwise, parents will only be able to see their child’s work in this class if it is included in their child’s portfolio.

You can also view the class members or copy the class (including assignments). 

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