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  1. Getting Started with Showbie 

    1. Whitelisting Showbie Services
    2. See How Showbie Works
    3. Showbie for Teachers
    4. Showbie for Students
    5. Showbie for Schools and Districts
  2. Quick How To Videos 

    1. Creating, Editing and Archiving Classes
    2. Joining a Class Using a Class Code
    3. Co-Teaching a Class in Showbie
    4. Adding Worksheets into Showbie
    5. Sharing Web Links in Showbie
  3. Saving to Showbie from Other Apps 

    1. Using the Share Extension With Showbie
    2. iPad Apps that Work with Showbie
    3. Using Showbie with Explain Everything iPad App
    4. Using Showbie with iAnnotate iPad App
    5. Using Showbie With GoodReader iPad App
  4. Known Issues 

    1. I sign into Showbie on my iPad but I can't see my classes (or assignments)
    2. Where to Find Crash Logs
    3. I can't add Google Doc files to Showbie
    4. Pages Showing Up Blank
    5. Open In Other Apps Not Working after iOS 8 Update
  5. Account Management 

    1. How do I know if I'm upgraded to Showbie Pro?
    2. How do I control my Showbie Notifications
    3. Forgot your email, username or password?
    4. Inviting Teachers To Your School or District Account
    5. Changing my Showbie Email Address (web)
  6. Class and Assignment Setup 

    1. How to remove myself from a class as a student (web)
    2. Keeping a Local Backup of Student Work
    3. Adding another Teacher as the Owner of a Class (web)
    4. Archiving a Class (web)
    5. Archiving an Assignment (web)
  7. What is New in Showbie 

    1. What's New in Showbie for iPad 1.6.1
    2. What's New in Showbie for iPad 1.6
    3. What's New in Showbie for iPad 1.5.3
    4. What's New in Showbie for iPad 1.5.2
    5. What's New in Showbie for iPad 1.5.1
  8. All articles 

    1. Using Showbie with Inspiration Maps iPad App
    2. Using Showbie with SimpleMind+ iPad App
    3. Using Showbie with StoryBuddy 2 iPad App
    4. Using Showbie with Doodle Buddy iPad App
    5. Using Showbie with Phoster iPad App
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