The one-two punch of assignment settings

With Student Access, teachers can control what kind of access students will have to assignments. When combined with assignment scheduling, you can easily change the type of student access automatically depending on the date that you set.

This guide will cover:

  • How to Change the Due Date

  • Student Access

  • How to Create/Edit a Schedule

How to Change the Due Date

We can start things off simple with just a due date!

  • Go to the assignment for which you'd like to change the due date

  • Tap on the wrench

  • Tap the due date

  • Scroll to the date and time (if you don't want a due date at all then just tap Remove Due Date)

  • Make sure you tap Save afterward!

Student Access

We start with how to change student access but keep reading to learn more about the different types of access you can choose from in Showbie.

How to Change Student Access

  • In your assignment, click the wrench icon

  • Select the type of student access to which you’d like to change the assignment

  • Make sure you tap Save when you're done!

Types of Student Access


Students will be able to see the assignment name within their assignment list, with a lock symbol beside the name. When locked, you can create and work inside the assignment without the students having access to it or receiving notifications.

Locking an assignment is excellent for grading! After the due date has passed, lock the assignment so students cannot submit additional work. Grade all the work then set it to View-Only and all your students will receive their grades at the same time.

Hint: when creating an assignment and you set it to locked, the assignment won't be visible to students. They'll only see it when you unlock it. This can be useful when you want to setup assignments in advance while hiding it from students!


Students will be able to see the contents of the assignments and can open files but will not be able to add new files or annotations. An eye symbol will appear next to the assignment name. Teachers can use View-only to release marked work back to students, or provide instructions to an upcoming assignment.


Students may add new files and will be able to annotate PDFs and images. It’s the state for any assignment when you want students to submit work, add some annotations, and for generally getting things done!

How to Create/Edit a Schedule

When you have so many assignments and so little time, take advantage of the assignment schedule to have assignments seamlessly switch from mode to mode. Set it to lock on the due date, view-only once you’ve marked it, and then unlocked again for revisions – it’s all up to you to reap the benefits of automation!

A couple of things to know before setting off:

  • There can be a max of three items in the schedule and each type of student access can only be used once.

  • An assignment cannot be set to lock on two different dates or to be in view-only mode on two different dates.

  • Enter assignment settings and click on Set Schedule (it will show Edit Schedule if you have already created a schedule)

  • Choose the type of student access the assignment will be set to

  • Select the time at which the student access will change

  • Tap Save when you’re done 💾

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