Getting Started

Learn how to set up your account, your first class, and upload your first file.

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Showbie Administrators

Guides to help Pro schools and districts use the admin dashboard

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Welcome To Showbie

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Account Settings and Notifications

Manage your password, change your email address, adjust notifications, etc.

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Managing Classes and Assignments

Learn about class and assignment settings as well as how to archive/delete them

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Managing Students and Co-Teachers

Learn how students join a class, how to reset their password or retrieve their username, and how to add co-teachers to your class

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Showbie Feature Tour

Annotations, Groups, Class Discussion, Parent Access - learn it all here!

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Showbie FAQs and Troubleshooting

Common questions answered; common problems solved!

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Showbie and Socrative Integration

Learn how to use Showbie and Socrative together in your classroom

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App Smashing

Bring your files over from other apps to Showbie!

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Privacy & Compliance

Protecting your privacy is fundamental to our mission. We are compliant with leading data privacy frameworks which you can read about here.

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Security Center

Our guiding principles on data security and user privacy.

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