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Most files uploaded to Showbie can be viewed. Check out this chart for a quick overview of supported file formats:

Please note: Showbie Basic users have a file size limit of 25MB per file. Showbie Pro users have a larger file size limit of 2 GB per file.

Don’t see your file type in the chart?

That means that Showbie can’t view it. No worries though! If you’re on an iPad, you can open the file in another app and if you’re on the web app, then you can download the file and open it in another program.


  • Tap on the Share icon
  • Tap Send to Another App
  • Choose the app you’d like to open the file in


You can find the Download button in a couple different spots

  • In the assignment folder, click the arrow on the right (it’ll appear when you hover your mouse over the file) and click Download
  • You can also download the file when you click on it
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