Access denied 🚫

When a student tries to join your class, and they get the message:


You do not have permission to access this class.

This is because the student has somehow been blocked from your class. No worries though! Unblocking a student is a quick process.

  • Tap on the class

  • Tap the wrench

  • Tap Class Members

  • Tap Show Blocked

  • Find the student and tap on their name – blocked members will appear at the bottom of their section’s list

  • Tap Unblock Student

Other Error Messages and Troubleshooting Solutions:

"Waiting to Join"

How Students Join Classes/ Approving Students to Join

"You have exceeded the total amount of operations that can be performed on this resource"

Showbie allows you to try up to 40 codes successfully or unsuccessfully to join classes or groups over 1 hour. If you try more than 40 codes in an hour, then there is a cooling-off period of 1 hour before you can try a new code, and you will get the error above.

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