Joining a Group

Join a group via group code or accepting an invitation

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Be part of something great.

Groups allow you to share, work, and connect with teachers, students, and parents beyond the classroom. To join a group, you will need the group code from the teacher who is the group owner. 

Joining via Group Code

  • Once you have the group code, select Groups

  • Tap on the wrench

  • Tap Join a Group

  • Input your group’s code and tap Join

If you see the message, "Waiting to Join Group" this means that the group owner needs to approve to join first. They will have gotten a push or email notification letting them know you've requested to join. As soon as they approve your request, you'll be able to see all the messages in the group. Learn more here.

Don’t have a group code? Please get in touch with the group owner, and they can give the code to you.

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