Exporting Grades

Generate a quick spreadsheet of all your students' grades with just a few clicks!

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Export grades to keep a record of how great your students are! 💯

Grades can be exported in three different formats: csv, html, or email.

Importing grades to your gradebook software may require converting to a different file format so make sure you look up how to import grades the one you’re using!

Using a gradebook software?

We’re very interested in what gradebook softwares are being used by teachers. Please let us know by sending an email to support@showbie.com!

Exporting Grades

  • Go to the assignment that you’d like the grades for and tap on the wrench icon

  • Tap Export Grades

  • Select the format you’d like and then tap Export

  • Choose how you’d like to export your grades.

Here’s how each format looks like (CSV, HTML, and Email)

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