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Leave a comment or share a link in Showbie!
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A quick note or a stroke of genius – share it with a comment ✍️

Leaving a comment in Showbie is the same process no matter what device you’re using and where you are in Showbie. Be it in an assignment, class discussion, or group, you’ll be greeted with the same steps each time.

Leaving a Comment

  • To start, go to any assignment and open Shared Items or any student (you can also go to any Class Discussion or any Group)

  • Tap on the speech bubble that says write a comment… and begin typing your comment

  • When you have something typed up, the Post button will turn blue and you can tap on it once you’re ready to upload your comment!

Want to post a link?

Simply post a URL like showbie.com into your comment to share it in Showbie!

More Actions

There’s more you can do with comments! To see additional options for comments, tap and hold on the comment on the iPad or click on the dropdown arrow on the web.

Be careful when deleting comments as it is a permanent action and they cannot be restored.

On the iPad, you can Copy, Pin, Edit, Delete the comment and use the Speak feature to have the comment read out loud.

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