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You can change your notification preferences so that you receive emails and/or notifications to stay updated on any changes made. The button in your notification settings will be white if it's turned off, or if the notification is turned on, it'll be blue! 

Notification Preferences

  • Tap your profile picture/name
  • Tap Notification Preferences
  • Select a category
  • Tap the icons to choose any combination of Email or Push Notifications

Please remember that if you would like iOS push notifications, you will need to allow them for your device.

iOS Notification Permissions

  • Open your iPad Settings
  • Tap Showbie
  • Tap the sliders to toggle permissions on/off
  • Tap Notifications and then adjust your settings

Next Steps

If you set your notification settings to have Email enabled, make sure you have the correct email address to receive email notifications. If not, you can change your email address.

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