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Choose which email and iOS push notifications you'd like to receive.

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Some things deserve your attention more than others.

You can change your notification settings so that you receive email and/or push notifications for your Showbie account.

Notification Preferences

To adjust your notification settings:

  1. Tap your name or profile picture in the bottom left corner on the iOS Showbie app. If you’re using the web version of Showbie, you’ll find it in the top right corner.

  2. Tap Preferences

  3. Select a category

  4. Tap the icons to choose any combination of Email or Push Notifications.

The button in your notification settings will be white if it's off, and blue if it's turned on.

For email notifications, make sure you have set the correct email address in your Showbie account. If not, you can change your email address.

Allow iOS Notifications on your Device

To get iOS push notifications from Showbie, you will need to allow notifications from Showbie on your device.

  1. Open your iPad Settings

  2. Tap Showbie from the left menu

  3. Toggle Allow Notifications on

  4. Select how you would like to receive alerts on your device.

Custom Class Notifications

This article goes over how to set your general notification settings for your account, but you can also set notification settings for each of your classes with Custom Class Notifications.

Progressive Web App (PWA) Notifications

If you're using the PWA, you may need to enable notifications on your device as well. In Showbie, you'll see a message similar to this prompting you to enable notifications:

Make sure you've enabled this on your device to get Showbie notifications!

Troubleshooting Notifications

Having trouble with not receiving notifications? Check out our Troubleshooting Guide.

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