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Share your work straight from the Google Drive app

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To upload a file from Google Drive to Showbie:

  1. Tap on the ... for the file you'd like to share

  2. Choose to either Send a copy or Open in

  3. Select Showbie from the list of apps and then select which folder you would like the file to go to

Switching Google Drive Accounts


If you connected the incorrect Google Drive in Showbie you can easily switch accounts by logging out of Showbie and logging back in when using the web.


When adding files from Google Drive in the Showbie app, your iPad will search from all connected Google Drive accounts in locations. Ensure that the Google Drive app is installed on your device.

  • Tap the +

  • Tap File

  • Select the location (slide right to browse locations)

  • Tap Google Drive

  • Tap the document you want to upload

Want to learn more about uploading Google Docs in Showbie? Click here!

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