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Google Docs

Send your Docs to Showbie

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To save a document from Google Docs to Showbie:

  1. Look for the ... (more options) button either when selecting a file or once you've opened the file you want to share

  2. Choose to Send a copy

  3. Select either PDF or .docx to export (more about these options below)

  4. Tap on Showbie and then choose which folder you'd like to upload the file to

PDF vs Docx

💯 Annotatable in Showbie
🚫 Contents can't be edited
🙅 Can't be edited/annotated in Showbie
✏️ Can be edited if opened in a word processing app (like Docs!) 

Forcing a Copy of a Document

Want to share a note-taking template or a framework of an assignment? First, let's turn your Google Doc into a document that will force a NEW copy when opened.

Be sure you have shared the document either as “anyone with the link,” or “public.” This has to be enabled before you can use "force a copy".

  • Open the doc, slide deck, sheet, or drawing you want to use

  • Click in the search box and look at the end of the link

  • Replace the word EDIT with the word COPY in the link

  • Click return/enter

Copy and paste this new copy link into a Showbie assignment as a comment. This will force a copy of the document for your students.

When students click on the link, it will open the forced copy in Google Docs. Students will then be able to edit the document. When they are done they can upload their edited document back into Showbie for the teacher to review.

Students could also post a live link of their document as a comment for their peers or teacher to have access to work collaboratively on an assignment!

Add a document from Google Docs on the Web

  • Tap +

  • Select Add from Drive

  • Select the Doc

  • Wait for the Google Doc to upload to Showbie

Note: This will add the document as a PDF

Add a document from Google Docs on iPad

  • Tap +

  • Tap File

  • Select the location (slide right to browse locations)

  • Tap Google Drive

  • Tap the document you want to upload

Note: This will add the document as a PDF

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