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What security measures does Showbie's database have in place?
What security measures does Showbie's database have in place?

Steps we've taken to secure our database

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We strive to ensure the highest level of security for our users and follow industry-wide best standards for data management and encryption. Any personal information entered into the Showbie iOS or Web App is encrypted and only being processed for the functioning of the App. 

All Showbie access requires a dedicated user account. The user access is protected by a unique login and password. Passwords are hashed and never stored as plain text in our database.

We’ve taken the following actions to secure our database: 

  • Encryption of our entire database. 

  • Encryption of the internal transmission of data between the database and core services.

  • Access of the database is restricted internally to two senior members of our data services team. Access by these two members requires a separate private access key.  

The security of personal data is of utmost importance to Showbie. If you have questions related to our data management practices, please send them to 

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