Copying Class Folders

Create copies of class folders to use in your classes!

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Class folders are a great way to keep relevant assignments together in one place. If you already have them setup, you can create copies of the folder and the assignments within them to use in other classes. 

Here's how you can do that:

  1. Go to any class where you have class folders

  2. Open any class folder

  3. Tap the wrench icon

  4. Choose Folder Settings

  5. Choose the Copy Folder option

  6. Select the class you'd like to copy to

  7. Tap Copy Folder

Pro Tip: On iPad, you can also long press the folder itself and choose Copy Folder from the contextual menu that pops up.

Tap and Hold on Folder - Showbie Screenshot

And that's it! Want to keep your list of class folders and assignments organized? Check out this guide

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