This article covers using class and group codes safely to keep your classes secure. 

This article includes:

  • Keeping your classes and groups secure

  • How to block a student from a class

  • How to block someone from a group

Keeping your Classes and Groups secure

  • Always make sure to share your class and group codes privately. If your class or group registration is set to set to open to join, then remember that anyone with the code can join the class. Please do not share your codes on public websites, social media, or newsletters.

  • Once all your students have joined, change your class or group join settings to be by approval or closed. Keep in mind, if you set registration to be open, it will automatically switch to join by approval after 2 weeks to help keep your class secure.

To change your class join settings:

  1. Go to the class and click the Wrench icon, select Class Settings.

  2. Click on the Class Code.

  3. You can then select registration Open or By Approval, and hit Save.

To change your group join settings:

  1. Go to the group and tap the 3 Dots in the top Right.

  2. Then tap on Group Info and select Group Settings.

  3. Here you can switch the registration to join by approval/ closed/open, and hit Save.

How to block a student from a class

If a student joins your class who should not be a part of the class you can block them.

  1. Go into the class and click the Wrench icon. 

  2. Click on Class Members

  3. Find the student’s name, and click on it. 

  4. Click Block from Class

Blocking the student from your class will make it so they cannot enter the class with your class by using the class code in your account. You can always unblock them later if needed. 

How to block someone from a group:

If a student joins your group who should not be in it, you can block them.

  1. Go to Groups, and click on the group name from the list. 

  2. Click on the Person Icon in the top right. 

  3. Select Group Members and then search for the name of the person you would like to block and tap on their name. 

  4. Select Block from Group.

If you need to unblock them after they have been blocked, you can go back to Group Members, tap on Show Blocked, and tap on their name, then select to unblock them. 

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