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Frequently asked questions about video chat.

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We collected the most frequently asked questions about video chat in this article. If you have a question that isn't covered, feel free to get in touch with us at

Basic questions about video chat

How do I get video chat for my account?

Video chat is available with our Schools & Districts plans.

If you are not subscribed yet, or subscribed with an individual teacher Pro plan, please get in touch with our accounts team through our Sales Contact Form.

What device or operating system do I need for video chat?

Video chat is available on both the web and app versions of Showbie. If you are using video chat on an Apple device, you will need iOS 13 or later.

Certain features of video chat are only available on certain platforms.

  • Video chat recording is only available when using a Chrome browser.

  • Screen sharing is only available through using a web browser.

What powers Showbie's video chat?

We’ve partnered with Norwegian videoconferencing company Whereby to power our Video Chat functionality.

Is it safe and secure?

Yes. Safety and security have been our overriding priorities for video chat. Both Showbie and Whereby are GDPR compliant, and we have made a number of key decisions to ensure security. Please see this blog post by Cameron, our VP of Product, which goes over these security measures in more depth.

Questions about video chat features

How many people can be part of a video chat at once?

In the chat, you’ll see a live video feed of up to 12 participants simultaneously, and audio chats up to a total of 100 participants. As the teacher, you can turn off participants' videos, and invite others to turn theirs on to take the stage. This way, you can cycle through the next set of students so that everyone has a chance to be on video. Learn more about managing participants video and microphones.

How do I start/end a video chat?

How long can I have a video chat run for?

Video chats last for up to 1 hour, and then will automatically end. This is to ensure the safety and security of the chat. If you need a chat for longer than one hour, you can always start the video chat again and participants can rejoin.

How do I mute or turn the video feed on/off for myself or students on a video chat?

At the bottom of the video you will have video feel and mic buttons, to control your own video and mic. Click on the People icon at the bottom to control the mic and videos of others. Learn more about managing yours and participants video feeds and microphones.

How do I record a video chat?

If you are using video chat on Chrome, you are able to record the video chat session. Learn how to record here.

How do I share my screen in video chat?

If you are using video chat on a web browser, you can share your screen. Learn how to share your screen with everyone on the video chat.

Is there a whiteboard feature or text chat feature within the video chat?

Currently, there is not a whiteboard feature or chat feature within video chat.

Can children watch the video chat and look at a document in Showbie at the same time?

If you are working on the web version of Showbie, you could open Showbie in another browser tab to view the document.

In the app, if using iOS 12 or above, students can use the split screen ability which allows two instances of the same app can be run at once - making this possible.

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