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Installing the Showbie Progressive Web App
Installing the Showbie Progressive Web App
Install the Showbie PWA as a shortcut on your device
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Showbie has been working on converting the web app into a Progressive Web App (PWA). Showbie still works the same way as before but there are changes and improvements behind the scenes that allows a lot of opportunity for future enhancements.

Installing the PWA comes with a few benefits. Installed applications appear on operating system launch surfaces, such as the Applications folder on Mac OS X, the Start menu on Windows, and the homescreen on Android. Showbie PWA will also show up in the activity switcher, device search engines such as Spotlight.

To install the PWA, follow these links for the browser you're using:

The PWA features work on all major platforms: Mac, Windows, Android, but notably not iOS currently. Chrome and Edge lead the way but Firefox also supports these features pretty well.

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