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Start breakout groups in a video chat

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Breakout groups in video chat allows you and your students to have their own room while giving teachers the ability to monitor each group as they'd like. Use this feature to allow students to work on a group project together or even just to hang out!

To start breakout groups, find the People button at the bottom of the screen while a video room is launched and then select Breakout Groups:

After that, a menu will show to allow you to start assigning groups:

Here, you have few options to work with:

  • No. of groups - select how many groups you'd like up to 10 maximum (2 minimum)

  • Assign all - automatically assigns members to a group

  • Shuffle - reassigns members randomly to another group

In this menu, you can also drag and drop each member into any group if you'd like to assign them manually. You can even change the group names to customize them more! Once ready, you can Start breakout session:

Each member will then be assigned in their own group. As the host, you're able to see an overview of each group. You can also join/leave groups as you'd like to supervise them.

There's also an option to allow you to Go on stage to broadcast to everyone at once:

When going on stage, everyone will see your video feed regardless of which group they're in. You can always Get off stage when you're done broadcasting.

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