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Using 'Spoken Content' in Showbie
Using 'Spoken Content' in Showbie

Turn text into speech with the iPad's built-in feature

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If you are looking to use a text-to-speak function, you can do so using your iPad!

You will first need to enable it in your iPad settings. To do this:

  • Launch “Settings”

  • Tap on “Accessibility”

  • Open “Spoken Content”

  • Slide “Speak Selection” ON.

You can then adjust the speaking speed rate and Preferred Voices if desired.

Once you have enabled this feature on your device, you can open your Showbie app and navigate to your class & assignment. Hold your screen down where you would like to begin and select “Speak” from the pop-up menu. Your content can then be read aloud with the tap of a button!

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