Welcome to the Laboratory! 🧪

What is Showbie Labs?

Showbie Labs is an experimental menu filled with features that you as teachers, parents and students can access, turn on, and trial within your individual accounts. Teachers are encouraged to submit feedback to us here at Showbie to let us know what's working well with these features, as well as what can be improved upon!

How can I access Showbie Labs?

To access Showbie Labs:

  1. Navigate to your profile

  2. Select 'Showbie Labs' from the menu

*Note that Showbie Labs is currently only available via our iOS App

How does Showbie Labs work?

Once you access Showbie Labs from within your profile, you will be presented with a menu full of features that our team is currently experimenting with. Here, you can toggle off and on these features to your liking and try them out in your account when accessing via the iOS App. These features are turned off by default until you choose to toggle them on. Teachers also have the option to send in feedback about these experimental features directly from within the menu.

What features are currently available?

Currently, there are two features ready to be experimented with!

  1. Live Annotations: This allows you to have two people working and saving their annotations in the same document at the same time. For example, if your student finishes their annotations and clicks 'done' while you have their document open, the document will automatically refresh and show their updates!

  2. Straight Line Tool: This is available while annotating a document. Straight Line Tool allows you to straighten a line you've drawn with either the pen or highlighter tool by holding for a few seconds.

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