Parent Access keeps parents informed on what their child is working on

Parents can stay up to date with their child’s accomplishments in class or any upcoming assignments so they don’t miss a due date.

What will parents have access to in Showbie?

Parents will be able to access a student’s portfolio by default. If parent access is enabled in a class then parents will also be able to access their child’s assignment folders in that class. With access to a class, parents can’t add files or comments but will be able to see the assignments just as a student sees it – update indicators, due dates, grades, and all! Here’s how you can enable parent access.

This is a parent’s view of a class that has enabled parent access. Parents can also open the files but will not be able to add annotations or upload their own files.

How can teachers control a parent’s level of access?

Showbie lets you know right away when a parent adds a student in your class and an email notification is sent to all of the student’s teachers. You’ll also be able to block a parent from all of your classes entirely. Learn more.

Do parents need to be invited to join Showbie?

Parents don’t need to be invited to join Showbie, although inviting parents using Showbie’s generated handouts gives parents a nice explanation of Showbie and also gives them their student’s parent code. Inviting parents can be done easily!

How can I tell which parents have joined students in Showbie?

You’ll be able to see which parents have joined a student by opening that student’s Student Info. Here’s one way to do it:

  • Go to the Student Tab (it’s at the bottom)
  • Select the student
  • Tap/Click the student’s profile picture – the student’s name will be displayed if there is no profile picture

Where can I find a student’s parent code?

A student’s parent code can be accessed by the teacher via the student’s Student Info. Use this guide to help you with finding the parent code. 

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