Co-Teaching a Class

Have more than one teacher to teach a class together - teamwork makes the dream work!

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Basic teachers that join a Pro teacher's class are still limited to the Basic features of the app. They need to have their own Pro license in order to use the Pro features.

Showbie allows you to share in your teaching experience by adding co-teachers to your class. Becoming a co-teacher involves two steps:

  1. Joining the class

  2. A teacher already in the class must approve your request to join

Co-teachers will have the exact same privileges as the owner teacher and will be able to manage files and students in the same way. If a co-teacher archives the class, it will be archived for all co-teachers. If deleting a class, it'll be archived instead and blocks all co-teachers. Be mindful of who the co-teachers are in the class when archiving or deleting! 

Joining the Class

To join a class, you will need the class code from one of the teachers already in this class. Once you have this:

  1. On the home screen of your account, tap on the + button next to My Showbie. 

  2. Input the class code and tap Join

You will now need to be approved to join the class by one of the teachers already in this class. 

Approving Requests

As a teacher approving another teacher to join a class:

  1. Go into the class they are joining and tap on the Wrench next to the class name. 

  2. Tap on Class Members

  3. Select Teachers and tap on the co-teacher's name. 

  4. Tap Approve Teacher

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