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Exporting Student Usernames and Emails
Exporting Student Usernames and Emails

Generate a list of your students' usernames and emails per class.

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Export a list of students to check if Ayayron, Deenice, and Jaykwelin are in attendance 📋

Showbie will allow teachers to export student names, usernames, and email addresses with just a tap on the iPad! The only thing that can’t be exported (or even seen) are student passwords for student security purposes.

Exporting the Student List

  • Tap the class you’d like the information from

  • Tap the wrench icon

  • Go to Class Members

  • Tap Copy - the class members will be copied over to your clipboard and you'll see a message similar to below

You can paste the list into an Excel sheet. Here’s an example of what an exported class list might look like:

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