Moving a Student to Another Class

A workaround to move a student from one class to another.

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Moving students to other classes isn’t quite a part of Showbie just yet, but there’s a workaround for that! What you can do is get the student to join the new class using the class code and then copy any relevant files over to the new class. After that, you can block the student from the old class.

1. Student joins the new class

2. Copy the relevant old files over

Regular files

Files that don’t have any annotations on them can easily be transferred.

On the iPad, files can be copied to the new class. Use this guide to help you with copying the files over to the class.

On the web app, files can be downloaded and uploaded to the new class. Here’s a guide for some help.

Annotated files

Annotated files can be copied over as well. Check out this guide on how to do that.

A quick way to do this is to swipe towards the left of the file you want to copy and tap on the square with the “+” symbol and tap on Make a Copy.\

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