Once you've Created a Class, you will want your students to join.

This article includes:

  • How students join your class
  • How to approve students to join your class
  • How to set classes to be open to join or join by approval only

How students join your class:

  1. First, find your class code by clicking into the class and clicking the Wrench icon. Your class code will show beside Class Settings.
  2. Next, you can privately give this code to your students, who can log in to their Showbie accounts to join the class. (Please do not post class codes in public places.)
  3. In the top right of their student account is a + button. They can click this and type in your code to join your class.

Joining a class in a student account.

If your class is set to Open to Join, then the student will be joined to the class immediately. They will be able to see assignments and join in the class discussion right away.

If your class is set to Join by Approval, then the student will get a message saying "Waiting to Join Class", and won't be able to see the class content until you approve them.

What it looks like in a student account when they are waiting to join a class.

How to approve students to join your class

If your class is set to join by approval, once a student enters the code to join your class, you will get a push or email notification to let you know they are waiting to be approved to join.

Example email notification of a student waiting to join a class.

You can click into the email notification to go into Showbie to approve them to join. Or you can go into your Showbie account, go to the class, and click the Wrench, and select Class Members.

You'll then see the pending request, and can tap the checkmark to approve them, or 'X' to block them from the class. If you block a student from a class, you can aways Unblock them later.

If you do not recognize a student who is requesting to join your class, wait to approve them once you've verified they are supposed to be part of your class.

Approve or block students requesting to join your class in the class members section.

How to set classes to be open to join or join by approval only

By default, when you create a class it will be open to join for students. Then in one week, it will automatically change to join by approval. This is so you don't need to remember to switch your class to join by approval. Showbie will do it for you automatically.

We recommend that after all your students have joined the class, switch the class to join by approval, or simply Remove the Class Code so no one new can join.

To change your class settings from open to join by approval, or vice versa:

  1. Go to the class and click the Wrench icon, select Class Settings.
  2. Click on the Class Code.
  3. You can then select registration Open or By Approval, and hit Save.

If you set registration to be open, it will automatically switch to be join by approval after 1 week.

Switching your class from open to join to join by approval.

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