Creating a Class

Create a class in Showbie for your students to join and for your assignments to live in.

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Classes in Showbie are used to organize students and/or subjects that you teach. You can organize them based on subject, grade level, class period, or however you prefer! This article reviews:

How to Create a Class

  1. Navigate to your class list and tap the Wrench Icon.

  2. Tap on New Class +.

  3. Type the name of the class into the Name field.

  4. Tap on Class Code to adjust the registration settings for your class.

  5. Tap Save when you’re done.

Once a class is created, it will be listed in your Class List alphabetically. If you'd like to re-order your classes, we recommend inserting numbers or emojis at the beginning of the class name. Find out how to rename your existing classes here.

The order in which class names will appear in the list is Emojis > Numbers > Letters.

Class Registration Settings

Once you've created a class, you can share the class code with your students so they can join. Your class join settings will be set to Join By Approval by default but can be changed to Closed once registration is complete. Learn more about how students join your class and class join settings.

Other Class Settings

What does Student-Led Portfolios and Parent Access mean? This guide can show you more about them.

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