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Quick Marking

Use this feature while annotating to quickly switch from file to file in the Shared Items.

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Gotta go fast! 🦔

With Quick Marking, grading an assignment can be more streamlined than ever! You can stay on one file and quickly cycle through your class list and add grades or annotate on them, all without ever closing the document. You can switch between shared items or unique uploads that students submit. 

To get started, go to any class and assignment, then open any file. This can be from the Shared Items or a student assignment.

  • Add your annotations or grades by tapping on the icon with the checkmark at the top right corner

  • If you're adding a grade, you can use numbers, letters, or emojis and tap Save when you're done

  • Tap on the icon at the top left corner - the icon looks like silhouetted figures if you're in Shared Items or the selected student's profile photo 

  • You can swipe left/right to switch quickly between students or tap on the next student to expand a list of files they have in their assignment

  • Add your grades or annotations and continue marking students on your class list

The icons next to your assignments and students can tell you something important. Learn about update indicators to see which students have turned in work with just a glance!

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