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Like a text box, just type your text in.

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Just in case your handwriting isn’t as pretty.

The Text Tool allows for typing text directly on the page in Showbie documents for when longer text is needed. You can customize the colour, font size, and alignment of text. The text is editable after it’s been saved and Showbie keeps track of who authored the text and when it was created or last modified.

Text Tool

Tap on the T in the tool bar and then tap anywhere on the document to begin typing.

Font Options:

To access the font options for the text tool, make sure you have selected the text box you’d like to change, and then tap the text tool icon again.

How to Delete a Text Box on the Web:

  • Right-click on the text box

  • Click Delete

How to Delete a Text Box on the iPad:

  • Select the text box

  • Tap and hold the text box

  • Tap Delete


You can resize the text box by selecting the text box. Once selected, grab one of the circles and drag your text box to the desired size. Tap outside of the text box when you have placed the text box in its proper location.

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