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How Would Showbie Look from the Student Perspective?
How Would Showbie Look from the Student Perspective?
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Learn how Showbie works from both perspectives!

As a teacher, what you see in your account is different from what a student sees. If you’d like to know more about how Showbie works from a student perspective, you can create a mock student account! This guide will cover the basics of how a student might get started with Showbie:

  • Signing up as a student account

  • Joining a class

  • Working on assignments

  • Uploading files and comments

  • Using the annotation tools

Signing up as a student

  • From the sign up page, tap on I’m a Student

  • Signing up with username is easiest for your mock student account

  • Type in the account information and then tap Sign Up when you’re done – your username is what you’ll use to log in (cannot be changed) and your First/Last name is how you’ll appear in the class/student list

  • You can type in your Class Code here or Skip for now

Remember that student accounts don’t need an email address. You can leave the Email field empty and still create an account.

Joining a class

Follow these simple steps to join a class.

  • On the top left of the home screen in your student account, click on the +

  • Enter the class code then tap Join

Working on assignments

A student’s account might look something like this:

On the left, they can see all the assignments they’re working on. Assignments that have passed the due date will also appear in the list under a new section called Collected instead of Assigned. In the assignment, they can see all the files that’s been uploaded. In the screenshot above, it looks like Ms. Hansen uploaded a file to be worked on.

Uploading a file or comment

Students and teachers can upload in many ways. You can upload using your iPad’s camera (photo or video), a voice note, or files from another app just to name a few.

Using the annotation tools

Annotation tools are how students complete their work on uploaded files. Showbie has pen, text, comment, and voice tools for students to use.

Just keep in mind, depending on the device you’re using (iPad or web app), there are slight differences for each platform.

And that’s the basics of it! The guides that are linked on this page are connected to an entire web of pages that are connected to each other. Feel free to explore around the support guides or experiment a bit more with the app.

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