Give everyone in your class a voice to be heard

Class discussion is a place for teachers and students who share a class to discuss, share, and collaborate.

Allowing & Pausing Student Posts

  • To allow or pause student posts, select the class and tap on Class Discussion

  • At the top of the discussion, tap Allow Student Posts / Pause Student Posts

If you pause student posts, only you as the teacher will be able to post in the class discussion.

If student posts are already allowed, it will look like this:

What do Students See?

Students will see almost the exact same things as the teachers. When student posts are paused, they will no longer have the option to upload files or comments to the class discussion.

Student posts enabled

Student posts paused

Some Useful Things to Know about Class Discussion

Class discussion is automatically created for each class

When you create a class, there will automatically be a class discussion folder for you to start posting in.

Teachers can allow or pause student posts

When pausing student posts, none of the posts will be deleted so don’t worry about losing any work by pausing posts! Teachers will always be able to post.

It is always visible to all students and teachers in a class

Whether or not student posts are allowed or paused, the class discussion can be seen by all members. That said, parents won’t be able to see the class discussion.

How do annotations work in class discussions?

Teachers can annotate any PDF or image uploaded and students can annotate any PDF or image that they have uploaded themselves.

How does the portfolio work in class discussions?

It’s not possible to add files or comments from class discussions to a portfolio.

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