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If you're looking for supplementary material for your lessons, look no further!

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A wealth of resources at your fingertips 📚

EngageNY Activities has all the resources and content of Common Core subjects provided by New York. If you're teaching somewhere else in the world, don’t worry! You can still use these to help you with your teaching.

EngageNY Activities is still in BETA. Our team is working hard to make sure things are running smoothly when you use it. If you think you are running into a bug, please contact us!

Using EngageNY Activities

  • Tap on the ?

  • Tap on EngageNY Activities

  • Select the subject and grade level

  • Choose the Lesson Group you would like

Here, you’ll see that each Lesson Group tells you the number of activities included and a short summary. They are also tagged by CCLS (Common Core Learning Standards) so you can search for specific lessons using the search bars above (keyword, topic, or CCLS).

  • Once you select the lesson group, you will be taken back to Showbie. Tap Join Group

  • All set! You’ll be able to see the files that are included in the lesson group

Accessing EngageNY Activities on the web app is similar. Just click on the ? at the bottom right of the app!

You can copy the files to an assignment that you already have so that your students can see the same files. Here’s how you can do that.

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