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The Showbie Groups feature will allow teachers, students, and parents to communicate and collaborate outside of Showbie classes. Here’s how you can create a group:

  • Tap on the Groups tab
  • Tap the wrench
  • New Group
  • Adjust the group settings and tap Save

Group Settings

  1. Tap on the Group Info icon at the top right
  2. Tap Group Settings


Type the name of your group here. There are no character restrictions so be as creative as you want!


Write a brief description of the group’s purpose here and it’ll show up in the Group Info.


This is the code used by others to join. Tap the refresh arrow to generate a new code.

Announcements Only

When ON, only group owners will be able to post comments and other participants will only be able to view the group.

Parents can Join

Allow parents to join your group.

Students can Join

Allow students to join your group.

Archive Group

Hide the group from the groups list and no one will be able to join the group. Unarchive to reverse changes.

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