Managing Group Members

Grant/revoke group members ownership, or block/unblock them from the group

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Keep track of who’s in your group easily!

In Showbie, you can manage group members by granting/revoking ownership to other teachers or blocking/unblocking members. Here’s how to get started:

  • Tap the Group Info icon

  • Tap Group Members

  • Select a group member from the list

Managing Group Members

Depending on the member that you’ve selected, you’ll get different options of what you can do with each member.

Grant/Revoke Ownership

There can be multiple owners of a group and only teachers can be granted ownership. Owners can manage group settings and members, and annotate any PDFs and images in the group.

Leave Group

Select your own name in the group members list and to get the option to leave the group. You’ll be able to rejoin via group code/invitation. You can only leave the group if there’s at least one other owner of the group.

Block from Group

Blocked members will be hidden in the group members list and will be unable to rejoin the group unless unblocked. If members try to join the group again by code, they’ll get this message:

Unblocking from Group

To unblock a member, tap on Show Blocked and scroll down to the bottom of the list. Select the member to unblock and tap on Unblock from Group.

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