Group Notifications

You can adjust notification settings for all groups or for individual groups

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You can choose favourites – we won’t judge

We’ve added more notification settings to help you stay on top of things in Showbie! Now you can choose to turn off all notifications from groups except specific groups!

Groups-wide Notifications

Editing your notifications from your profile settings means that you’ll receive notifications from all your groups.

  • Tap on your profile picture

  • Tap Notification Preferences

  • Go to Groups

  • Adjust your notifications by choosing whether you want to receive email or push notifications – blue means it’s turned on!

Individual Group Notifications

Adjusting specific group notifications means you’ll only get notifications from that specific group.

  • Go to the group you want notifications for

  • Tap on the Group Info icon

  • Tap Notification Preferences

  • You can choose whether to receive email and/or push notifications by tapping on each icon – blue means it’s turned on!

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