Submitting Work from Another App

Share what you've done in another app and upload it to Showbie

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Enter the world of App Smashing 💥

There are thousands of apps you could use to create work to share in Showbie. The step-by-step process for each app will be somewhat different but in this guide, we’ll cover how it’ll generally look.

  • The first thing to do is to look for the Share button in the other app and tap it

  • When you’re able to select which app to share the file to, select Showbie

Don’t see Showbie in the list of apps to share your file?

  • Scroll all the way to the end of the list and tap on More

  • Find Showbie in this list and tap the slider next to it to enable it

Now when you tap Done and back to the list of apps to share your file to, the Showbie app should be an option.

Once you select Showbie, you’ll be able to choose where in Showbie you’d like to upload the file.

Showbie allows you to upload content to everyone or to certain students. You can select Share with Everyone or Select Students to choose who receives your uploads. When you tap Add File, your file will start getting uploaded to Showbie!

A Quicker Way to Share

Selecting where you want to upload your file in Showbie can take many taps – and those taps quickly add up when you’re uploading a lot of files. Here’s a potentially easier way to handle this:

  • In Showbie, go to any assignment and open Shared Items or any student.

  • In the other app, go through the sharing process as explained above. When choosing which app to share your file to, look for the Copy to Showbie option. You may have to tap on Open in… to be able to see the Copy to Showbie option.

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