Allowing Showbie Services

Certain domains and URLs need to be added to your allowlist in order for Showbie to work properly.

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One of the common reasons that Showbie appears to be down or unavailable is that there is website blocking within the classroom or Wifi environment. Showbie is a secure service (https) and requires that domains be added to the allowlist in most Wifi environments that have content restrictions in place.

Here is a listing of email domains and websites used to operate Showbie that should be added to the allowlist by your IT administrator.

NOTE: This article describes services for users who login to the default data region (US). Schools that are hosted in the EU data centre should reference the Allowing Showbie Services (EU) page instead.

Email to allow:

Email addresses we send correspondence and notifications from:




  • *


  • *

  • *

  • *

Showbie App:

Note: Some filters may not require you to put https in front of the URL


Exact match:

Ensure port 443 (https) is available.

Optionally open port 80 (http) to enable auto redirecting of users to secure access.

⚠️ If users are experiencing issues uploading files, you may need to add these urls ⚠️

Showbie Admin App:

Below domains are required for subscription management and admin reports

Video Chat:

Below are domains required only when using the Video Chat feature

Note: Showbie Video Chat may require a direct connection to a number of streaming servers via IP address. If your network blocks connections to external IPs, you may experience issues connecting to Video Chat sessions. We are working to document a solution to this issue, and will share updated information here soon.

SSO Authentication:

If your school signs on with an SSO provider you will also need to allow the authentication providers URLs.

Test your settings

To check if everything is setup correctly, follow these test links:

If done correctly, you'll see a message that says "If you can see this then you have access to this url." That means you're good to go! 

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