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There are different ways to share a Book to Showbie with the Book Creator app! Start by opening the Book Creator app:

  • To save a file from Book Creator to Showbie, first select your book and tap the Share menu

  • You can choose to save Book Creator books as either an ePub or a PDF. PDFs can be annotated in Showbie, while ePubs can be previewed

  • Once you’ve chosen ePub or PDF, find Showbie in the Share menu and then choose your assignment or student folder

  • If you are sharing a larger ePub/PDF, it will be better to tap Open in… and then select Copy to Showbie

Sharing Book Creator Templates with Students:

You may want to share a guide or template that your students can use and edit! Here's how to share a Book Creator book template with your students. Students will be able to download the template created by the teacher, edit, and then upload to Showbie when complete.

Students could also use this process in a Showbie Group to work collaboratively on a book!

  • Tap the Share Arrow at the bottom of the book

  • Export as ePub (This will keep the file as editable)

  • Tap the Showbie App

  • Select the Assignment

  • Select specific students or share with everyone

  • Tap add File

How a Student Downloads the Book Creator Template to Edit:

  • Open Showbie

  • Select the Book Creator book template

  • Tap the copy icon

  • Tap share

  • Tap copy to Book Creator

  • Once the book opens the template is then editable in Book Creator

Once the book is complete or needs to be reviewed, students can then share a copy with their teacher! If students share the book to Showbie as an ePub, this file will stay editable when using Book Creator. If the book is shared as a PDF, it can be annotated using the Showbie tools. If it is shared as a video with sound, the audio will play and the book will progress as a movie.

View Book Creator in the App Store.

View Showbie in the App Store.

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