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Where does Showbie store my data? Is my data transferred internationally?
Where does Showbie store my data? Is my data transferred internationally?

Showbie's secure data transfer protection processes

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While Showbie is owned and operated in Canada, data is stored in secure servers using Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon is ISO 27001, 27017, and 27018 certified. More information about AWS's compliance programs can be found here

AWS's primary data storage is in the US and, by default, Showbie account information is stored in the US. Should you wish to have your data stored on secure AWS servers in the EU instead, Showbie now offers migration services for EU-based school, district, trust, and municipality customers to our EU-based servers in Stockholm, Sweden. You can read more about our migration process here. In the case that your institution's data is migrated to the EU, all source data originally housed in the US will be deleted.

AWS has temporary backup servers located in Canada, Australia, South America (San Paolo, Brazil), and Asia (Mumbai, India; Seoul, South Korea; Singapore; and Tokyo, Japan) where non personally-identifiable assignment data could be stored. There is no obligation under the GDPR for data to be stored in the EU, and it's permissible for the data to be transferred internationally as long as it is adequately protected. Please find our Transfer Impact Assessment in English here and in Norwegian here.

As a result of the Schrems II ruling, Showbie and all sub-processors now rely on Standard Contractual Clauses for the safeguard of data transferred outside of the EU.

If you have questions about the storage or transfer of Showbie's data, please contact

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