All Showbie access requires a dedicated user account. The user access is protected by a unique login and password. Passwords are hashed and never stored as plain text in our database. 

Showbie users are able to change their their full name, their SSO (if applicable), their email, and their profile photo from within Showbie. Unique identifying usernames (i.e. those that are school-issued) need to be changed by a member of our support team ( 

Before Showbie's Support team will make changes to a user's account, a series of questions will be required in order to verify the user's identity. 

Note that changes to student accounts must be requested by teachers or admins—we will not make changes to student accounts that are requested by students or parents. (However, parents can request changes to their parent account.) If you are student or parent and want to make changes to a student account, please have your/your child's teacher contact 

If you would like to be added as an admin on a Showbie account, please have an existing admin contact us. 

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