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Use folders to keep your assignments organized!

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With Class Folders, you can keep relevant assignments together in one place. You can choose colours for them to help differentiate at a glance and even designate folders within folders for further organization!

Here's how you can create a folder:

  • Choose the class you want to create folders for

  • Tap the wrench icon

  • Tap New Folder

  • Type in your folder name and choose a folder colour

  • Tap Save

Once created, it'll take you directly into the folder where you can start creating your assignments! 

If you already have assignments setup, you can move multiple assignments quickly. This guide can show you how

Rearranging Folders

  • Tap 'Edit'

  • Tap and hold the reorder handle (the three bars) next to the folder you want to move

  • Drag and drop the folder in the preferred order

  • Tap Done

Folder Settings

  • Select the folder

  • Tap the wrench icon

  • Tap Folder Settings

  • Edit the title or colour

  • Tap Save

Folders within Folders

To further organize your classes and assignments, you can create folders with folders (sub-folders).

To create a folder within a folder, the process is the same:

  • In an existing folder, tap the wrench icon

  • Tap New Folder

  • Type in your folder name and choose your folder colour

  • Tap Save

Note: There is a limit of 3 folder levels within a class. Once you have the maximum number of sub folders, the New Folder button will disappear from the wrench menu.

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